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Nursing Program-Ethical Dilemma Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Nursing Program-Ethical Dilemma - Research Paper Example Within the health care provision, there is the nursing profession that deals with the care that is provided to the individuals, communities, and families in a bid to make them attain, recover, and maintain a quality life with optimal health. There is, however, a clear differentiation of nursing from other health care providers through several criteria that revolve around their approach to the patient in providing care, practice, scope as well as the training (Guido 62). It will be appreciated that most of the nurses only provide care with the directive of the physician, and this is probably why nursing profession is referred to as care providers. The assignments undertaken by nurses are challenging, and they usually strive to offer the best out of their capacity. Despite this, they encounter a challenging and ethical dilemma and meet varied reaction from the parties involved. In this regard, there have been cases that nurses made decision which were not welcoming to a selected group of persons. Nevertheless, nurses are also allowed to independently practice and make jurisdictions based on their level of training. Due to the technological advancement in various fields, nursing has faced several evolutions and is diverting rapidly to accommodate areas that traditionally were not observed to be valuable. According to the American Nursing Association (ANA), nursing is referred to as a profession that takes the responsibility of providing protection, optimizing health, promoting those skills that will enhance a healthy living and alleviating suffering inflicted through unrelenting diagnosis and treatment (Bishop and Scudder 54). They are also believed to be the advocates for the families, communities, population and individuals so that the latter can embrace a healthy living life. With reference to this, it is unfortunate that nurses are faced with several issues during the discharge of their duties, and this is impairing their abilities to take full responsibilities in the wor k that they should do. Nurses are also faced with a plethora of ethical dilemmas that need to be adequately addresses to allow them have courage and take charge for their duties. When encountered by an ethical dilemma, the decision one makes may have severe consequences, which may be beyond his/her capacity. In this regard, several nurses have been charged for action that they have done while providing care for the patients, and this has attracted a divided opinion on the same. In this regard, careful consideration of all aspects of an activity should be done to ensure that the right course of action is taken. Nurses have the responsibility of providing the best service to their clients (patient), in a bid to ensure that their recovery is quick. Despite this, it is also agreed that the recovery of a patient is to some extent beyond the capabilities of nurses. There are the proponents of the opinion that nurses have to be charged in case of deteriorating health of the patient which c an be attributed to them. On the same breath, there are those who believe that nurses are supposed to be cushioned by the law under such circumstance that a dilemma arises and not be liable for any prosecution in a given case. The opponents of the nurses’ prosecution believe that there is no justification to file a suit for a nurse who is discharging a mandate, and resolving a dilemma, opt for a course that dissatisfies other parties. They propose that in the case of a dilemma, the nurse should remain supreme and be insulated against any form of prosecution. Moreover, no matter how direct the solution to a problem appear, any decision made meet mixed reactions, and thus it is impossible to meet the expectation of all persons. In this regard, provided that the

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